Thursday, June 5, 2014

What’s The Biggest Downside Of Dental Implants In Humble TX?

The dental industry has introduced so many new technologies over the course of the year. In recent years, mini dental implants were introduced into the market, but not without some debate heating up among dental practitioners. They brought new insights as to how dental implants are performed. But the big question is whether or not they are better solutions for teeth replacement as compared to conventional dental implants in Humble TX.

Mini dental implants are different from the standard dental implants in Humble TX in a number of ways. For a start, they are obviously smaller with less than three millimeters in diameter as compared to traditional implants that are more than three millimeters in diameter. While both are surgically inserted into the jawbone area, mini dental implants has a special coating of osseon which enable them to fuse with the bone far more quickly. This ability helps speed up the healing process and the procedure as a whole.

One of the biggest benefits of mini dental implants is that they are far more affordable than traditional dental implants, about one third of the cost of the latter. These days, the cost of dental implants, which is about $3500, is considered high by most people’s standards.
Another advantage of mini dental implants is the time it takes to complete the procedure. It will only take about two to three weeks from your first appointment to recovery time. Normal dental implants can take longer, taking weeks and even months just for the bone to heal. For the whole procedure to be completed, it will normally take about six to eight months.

Mini dental implants, which are FDA-approved for long term use, are available in fixed and removable options.

In conclusion, with the availability of mini dental implants, some of the major hurdles in traditional dental implants have been taken away particularly the cost. This can allow more people to seek dental implant treatment without the high price tag to worry about. But then again, just like the traditional implants, it may not be the right solution for everybody. Before seeking out the procedure, it is best to consult a dental expert to see whether or not it is the best option for you and if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. However, it can’t be denied that mini dental implant treatment is another dental option that is worth considering.

If a dental problem is keeping you from smiling, you should consider dental implants by Dr. Holly Gregory, DDS in Humble TX and see if the treatment can be the perfect option for you to take.

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