Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who Are Ideal Candidates For Dental Implants In Humble TX?

In the past, if you had cracked or missing tooth, your options are limited to dentures, bridges or removable partials. Today, there are a number of new and advanced solutions particularly dental implants in Humble TX which produce the closest thing to natural teeth. Compared to standard dental solutions, dental implants offer several distinct advantages making them the most popular solution in the dental industry today.

Dental implants often involve a long and complex process that is carried out in various stages and may take nine months to complete. The length of time is required for the healing and for the bone to start growing. Once this is established, the replacement tooth is then mounted into the metal post. A dental implant resembles your natural tooth both in structure and functionality.

A dental implant procedure is generally carried out by a team of dental professionals. Each one performs a designated step involved in the whole process. For instance, one dentist is in charge of the implant surgery, while another is assigned on the insertion of the crown on top of the implant. This also explains why the cost for dental implants is two-part, one for the surgical procedure and the other for the prosthetic tooth.

The cost of a dental implant is determined by several variables. These often include the implant type, who’s performing the procedure and the location. If the procedure is going to be performed in Beverly Hills by, let’s say a dentist practicing aesthetic and reconstructive dental surgery, then expect the cost to be very high. The price for a single tooth implant may range from $1,000 to $5,000. In general, it is more expensive to have a single tooth implant than multiple dental implants. Unfortunately, not many dental insurance providers, if at all, coves the cost of a dental implant treatment since it is considered a cosmetic procedure.

One factor that determines the success of a dental implant procedure is the proper screening of potential candidates. A patient should be healthy. Also, the patient needs to have sufficient jawbone area with healthy bones and gums. Moreover, to avoid any complications and infections especially in the gums, patients should be willing to practice proper and regular oral hygiene.

Dental problems like cracked or missing tooth can lead to low self-esteem. If you have this kind of problem, worry no more. Check out affordable dental implants in Humble TX and see if these can be the right solution for you. Take the first step by visiting dental expert Dr. Holly Gregory, DDS and learn more about this procedure. 

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