Monday, May 12, 2014

How Much Time Is Needed For Bone Recuperation With Dental Implants In Kingwood TX?

Dental implant treatment is considered one of the most preferred dental solutions today and the most advanced technique to address a missing tooth. The great thing about it is that the implant looks and feels just like your natural tooth. Commonly, a dental implant procedure is complex. However, over the years, the method continues to evolve and is getting simpler and more affordable. If you are considering this option, dental implants in Kingwood TX are worth looking into.

Although dental implants have a number of clear benefits, the cost associated with the procedure is commonly what turn people off. It is perhaps safe to say that the treatment is still considered expensive especially when compared to other dental alternatives. A single dental implant can set you back a few thousand dollars. Although multiple dental implants can be cheaper than a single tooth replacement, the cost is still high for many people.

It doesn’t help that most dental insurance plans don’t cover this dental procedure as it is considered a cosmetic surgery. There are other plans that do, but will only cover a part of the treatment such as the crown or the implant itself. If you think about it, a dental insurance isn’t much help to begin with. For one thing, it has very low limit unlike most medical insurance plans.

Another down side to a dental implant is that it requires surgery. While this can be good in the sense that the implants are secure and stable, the down side to it is that there’s a risk of infection, prolonged bleeding, damage to teeth and nerves, jaw fracture among others. While complication rate for dental implants is between 5-10 %, still there is the existence of a possible threat. To avoid complications, it is important to know the symptoms and to get treatment right away.

Another thing is that with a dental implant procedure, a certain period is needed for the bone to heal. Essentially, bones are very slow to heal. In cases when bone grafting is needed, recuperation period may take up to 18 months. In contrast, a regular bridge can be processed in a matter of days or weeks.

Evidently, a dental implant treatment has its share of advantages and disadvantages. But, given that it is widely sought after, it is perhaps correct to assume that it has more pros than cons.

These days, there are many solutions available to help address any dental problems. If you are dealing with teeth loss, you might consider dental implants in Kingwood TX as possible solution. For more information about this treatment, visit Dr. Holly Gregory, DDS today.

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