Thursday, January 23, 2014

Find Out The Biggest Advantage That You Can Get From Teeth In A Day In Spring TX

With today's huge advancements in technology and how the medical field has adapted to it, the way people's diseases are treated have become way better, faster, easier, and have had lesser disadvantages. Tooth replacements through dental implant surgery would be one of the best examples of this. Despite being already advanced; dental implant surgery is still being continually developed. As a result of further advancements, the teeth in a day procedure has been produced. Teeth in a day in Spring TX would be a good treatment to consider if you want to get your missing teeth back and fast.

When dental implants were developed, the tooth replacement industry has changed to a huge extent. They allowed periodontists to replace patients' missing teeth with quality porcelain teeth, which are secured into the jawbone through the use of metal posts. Because of the way they are attached into the mouth, they provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. However, one of the biggest disadvantages that were noticed during the early days of dental implant surgery was that a lot of time was needed to allow the jawbone to heal in between surgeries. In addition to this, time was also needed to allow the metal rods to fuse completely in place. If it wasn't for these delays, the whole procedure could have been completed in much lesser time, perhaps within just a few hours rather than taking weeks or months. The teeth in a day surgery was developed to address this problem.

Teeth in a day surgery is done in a similar way as dental implant surgery. However, it is done through cosmetic dental surgery when rooting metal posts into the jawbone. Through this, the procedure can be done within 10 hours, which is way shorter than the amount of time necessary to complete regular dental implant surgery. The reason for it being way quicker is because it no longer needs time for healing or fusing. But because of this exact reason, it has restrictions. It can only be performed on patients with healthy jawbones and those that don't have any weakness or past infections. A healthy jawbone is needed as it will heal much faster than one that's been compromised or weakened in the past because of illness.

The result of the procedure is the complete installation of metal posts and their respective dental implants within one day. Through this, patients can get an immediate boost of spirit and self-esteem because they're going to walk out of the clinic with a completely new smile.

Make sure you get the
quality teeth in a day in Spring TX that you deserve so that you can get your warm and confident smile back in just one day. Visit the Northeast Houston Dental Implants & Periodontology clinic today and get the treatment that you deserve.

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