Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Different Advantages That Make Dental Implants Way Better Than Removable Dentures

When people lose some of their teeth due to dental caries or some other reason, it's natural for them to want to get them back so that they can have their old smile and confidence back as well. However, people who have tried doing so by getting removable dentures haven't always had the best experience. The reason would be that dentures come with a lot of disadvantages. One of which would be the fact that they are quite painful and uncomfortable to use. This is one of the main reasons why dental implants have been developed. Let's take a look at the different reasons why dental implants are considered to be a way better choice than dentures.

First off, dental implants are permanently installed into the jaw bone, which means they can't be removed or won't accidentally fall off when you're eating or talking. This is the exact opposite of the case of dentures, which have to be taken out every night so they can be cleaned.

Implants provide a permanent teething solution because they are secured onto the jaw bone. This leads us to their second advantage over dentures which would be the absence of food restrictions. When you have dental implants on, you don't need to be cautious of the types of food that you eat because of the fear that you might damage your teeth replacements. Aside from being permanently attached to your mouth, implants are also designed to be as strong as your natural teeth. They can even be a little bit stronger than natural teeth at times.

Even though implants cost way more than dentures, they are a worthy investment because they last longer and don't require lots of maintenance. You don't need to have your implants refitted or changed after they have been installed. This is not true for dentures because they eventually lose their fit after some time and have to be changed or refitted. In addition this, dentures also require adhesives, denture soaks, and other products for proper care and maintenance. These things can be costly in the long run.

Dental implants can last for a lifetime because of their durability. One of their largest advantages is that you can brush them like your regular teeth. You can even use dental floss, regular toothpaste, and rinse them with your mouthwash without them getting damaged. This allows people to maintain a higher level of oral hygiene compared to when they have dentures on.

Next, dental implants are really easy to install and usually don't require lots of healing time. Lastly, they can be used for massive tooth loss or complete tooth loss. For cases of massive or complete tooth loss, a certain type of dental implants called all on 4 dentures are used. The entire mouth of a patient can be outfitted with implants using a total of four to six implants.

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