Saturday, April 26, 2014

Should You Consider Dental Implants In Humble TX?

It is quite ironic that despite the advances in technology in the dental care industry today, there are still many individuals who continue to suffer from various dental problems either caused by accidents or periodontal diseases. Aside from the health issues it can cause, having missing or broken teeth can hugely impact a person’s self-confidence. Among the solutions available today, dental implant treatment is the most popular. Not only is it an excellent solution, it also offers a better alternative to conventional options like bridges and dentures. If you are considering this route, dental implants in Humble, TX are great options.

How It Works

What makes dental implant treatment an excellent solution is the fact that the procedure actually replaces the root of the tooth as compared to other alternatives that simply mask the missing tooth. Essentially, the procedure involves securely attaching the implant in the jawbone through surgery and once the healing process is completed, a replacement tooth is then installed to the implant itself.
Dental patients may require additional treatment as well. For instance, other patients may seek dental implants to replace a missing tooth, while others may require the procedure to replace a tooth that still has to be pulled either because of decay or damage due to an injury. For the latter, it is now possible to have the tooth pulled out and mount the implant on the same day. Once it is installed, the tissues around it will eventually heal and help secure the implant in place.

What are the advantages?

Dental implants offer several advantages. To start off, the new replacement teeth look and feel like your natural teeth. Also, since it doesn't call for the preparation of any adjacent teeth, it promotes good oral hygiene in the long term. Plus, dental implants don’t wear down easily unlike other conventional solutions available. In fact, they are extremely durable making them a permanent dental care solution that can last for a lifetime as long as proper care is observed.
It is important to note though that dental implants may not be a solution for everybody. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure. To determine whether a person is an ideal candidate, he or she needs to go through several tests and assessment before going ahead with the procedure.

If you have dental problems that prevent you from smiling, worry no more. Through the installation of superior quality dental implants in Humble TX you will be able to smile again and gain back the confidence you lost. Check out Dr. Holly Gregory, DDS to learn more about this procedure. 

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